Strange noise in top end
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    Re: Strange noise in top end

    by JimDirt » Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:41 pm

    WOW !! :shock:

    That cam is definitely toast ...... What is important now is finding the exact cause (the rocker or whatever) to prevent it from happening again ..... and hoping you get all the shrapnel out of the engine .... be diligent in looking everywhere , any open bearings in the engine , like Crank bearings , etc , basically any bearing without the plastic cover , could have pieces in them , so be sure to check each one for free movement or any signs of damage and if you find any issues whatsoever with them , just be safe and replace them now , so you don't have to go back in at a later date and have to replace things you could have now while it was already apart ....... and yea removing a carb or EFI from a CRF requires at least a lifting of the subframe and twisting and contorting everything to get it off the bike ..... you'll get used to it .... :|

    And no problem on the explanation , though as you will learn ,I tend to get a bit over detailed of my quirks , is I am real anal about what I say , making sure to get what I need to say , completely detailed and self explanatory's just me .. just like now , I had to catch myself , so I did not turn this into a novel as I often do ... with that said , the reason you were not informed is because if they were to inform every new poster that they are being monitored for 5 posts , then they would just have someone/SPAMMERS post 5 somewhat legitimate sounding posts to get thru the door , usually in older topics (years older) , then SPAM away ... So they refrain from mentioning it , in the hopes that whomever is posting , is legit and will continue to post , then suddenly find their posts are immediate , and don't worry about it again , as you just found out by your current post , which I assume was directly after you hit SUBMIT .... ;) ..... So yea , it's a pain at first , but now you will not be restricted (just keep everything "family friendly" and non religious or political and all is well) , anything moto related , or even personal , is accepted , (if you look back thru my posts , you will find I went thru some serious health scares a few years ago *as have a few others on here*) , so we keep everyone here in the loop , because , as I mentioned , this is like family ..... and we care what happens to people here and try to support each other as much as we can ....... ok I'm done :-~ 8-[
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    Re: Strange noise in top end

    by Leardriver » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:11 pm

    Ouch! That stinks.
    My son ran his '15 450R out of oil, and I have a cam just like that on my trophy shelf. New piston, cam, cylinder, head, and valves, and the bike runs great now. About $900 in parts with a used cam.
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    Re: Strange noise in top end

    by Back2-2 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:34 pm

    Wow - that's pretty torn up. It's fixable and that's good. The bones of the bike look to be excellent. Goat poop off and fix the top end and you will have a very nice bike for a very low price. It is a shame that some one let it go to heck like that but it worked out good for you. $200 is a excellent catch.
    You may want to check here with Ken CRF's owner and see what a new entire head costs. That would make it a plug & play type of deal over trying to rebuild the head - just a thought for you.
    As Jim said, sorry you became frustrated with first posts waiting for approval. We try to keep tabs of things in the queue as best we can. Butt loads of spam come in every day trying to get on the site that we have to filter through.
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    Re: Strange noise in top end

    by Aussiecrf230 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 2:08 pm

    Well I am glad you decided to keep posting here as it is frustrating when you don't know the whole story and whether things got fixed.

    You survived Jim's explanation of how posting works here, so that's good.
    If you ask a suspension question then those long winded explanations are really appreciated. By the end you will know what to do with your forks for sure.

    $200 what a bargain even with the issues.

    I wonder if the rocker arm bearing had issues first and once it shed some rollers it let the shim escape. I was thinking the top end would have been worse and resulted in piston damage with rollers in the shim gap. If you decide to rebuild you will have to find all the missing pieces. So I can appreciate you wanting to swap it out. Trouble is you might be still buying someone else's problem.

    Best wishes with fixing it all up and getting to ride it.

    The bike seems to have cleaned up well otherwise.

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    Re: Strange noise in top end

    by jonathann3891 » Sat Dec 07, 2019 5:51 pm

    What do yall think this motor is worth?

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