2013 CRF250R Freshen Up or Sell?
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    2013 CRF250R Freshen Up or Sell?

    by stavendirtbike » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:10 pm

    I no longer race but ride for fun at the intermediate level. I bought a 2013 CRF250R used a couple years ago. Been a fantastic bike. I have not opened up the engine other than to do a valve check and an adjustment about 10 hours ago since 3 of the 4 valves were a bit out of spec (tight).

    Bike runs great, starts easy, doesn't consume oil etc. The bike had not had an hour meter on it so I have zero clue as to how many hours on the bike. The previous owner claims it had a High Compression piston installed but who knows as he had no receipts to back it up.

    I'm at the point now where I need to consider whether to sell or do a full rebuild.

    I'm not shelling out $7k plus for a new 250f. 

    I'm on the hunt for an 05-07 CR125 but I still want a 250f.

    As far as the Honda 250f goes how does the 15'-17' CRF250R compare to the 13'? I heard some negative things on the air forks. I do love the suspension on my 13'. Not sure I'm sold yet on the 18'+. Too expensive still and I really like the simplicity of the Unicam.

    Currently my bike has full FMF 4.1 exhaust, Sisneros ECM tune and backfire screen removed. Good low-mid range but wish it had more top. If I were to do a full rebuild it would be all OEM lower end, Hi Comp piston, ported head with stainless valves and a Stage 2 Hotcam.


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    Re: 2013 CRF250R Freshen Up or Sell?

    by JimDirt » Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:42 pm

    I guess it just depends on your budget and long term plans ..... for example , I have/ride a 02 CRF450R , so it is the first of the Honda 4 stroke race bikes , it's really outdated , suspension , engine , and handling wise , and I would love to have a 17,18, or 19 , but like you mentioned , the price is a lot for what you get , especially if you are not racing , and only riding for pleasure , whether it is on the track or trail (also for me , I will be 60 next month , so do I really want to lock myself into 4 years of payments ?)

    I will say , with the valves needing adjustment , it means replacement will be soon , so whether you sell it fixed , or keep it , you will still have to replace them , unless you plan on cutting the sale price down quite a bit and cutting your losses .... So you have that cost either way if you are going to try to get any kind of money out of it , or if you plan to continue to ride and keep it

    The cost comes down to what is worth it to you ?? your bike is not that old , so the market value is still at least decent ..... The cost to keep it up and keep riding it , is still much cheaper than a new bike ....... but ....... The tech of the new bikes is much better than the older ones as far as improvements in handling and having a button , though the weight has increased , so there is give and take with the "newer" bikes ..... When it comes down to it , only you can decide what is the best option , either way , I am sure you will be content , the bike you have is good enough to keep , but a newer design is alway nice to have ..... , but with the mid newer ones (like you are looking at) , don't have all the bells and whistles that the newest new ones have , so what you are gaining is minimal , and then you have the air forks ..... If you are not racing , then it might not bother you much as far as feel goes , but it is more maintenance , as you constantly have to keep up (pretty much every ride) on the air in the forks , as 1 lbs , seems to make a noticeable difference ..... so there is that to think about .....

    Bottom line , if the gains do not show a vast improvement over what you have , then it would be cheaper in the long run to keep what you have , and use the money you save to do what you want/need to this one , or just pocket it , and continue to enjoy it ....... ;)

    Weigh the differences , and figure out if the difference is worth what it will involve to replace it , versus repairing and keeping this one and be happy with that ..... Only you can answer that ......
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