Oil Pipe retainer clip - broken
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    Oil Pipe retainer clip - broken

    by mframpton » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:30 am

    So I was getting the parts off the left side preparing the 2008 CRF450R for case splitting...

    I unbolt and pull the retainer clip for the oil pipe and see the bottom tang of the clip had been broken off as pictured. The OEM print shows both tangs present. Troubling in itself, I have yet to locate the loose tang. Anywise, today I went to eBay to see about scoring a used part and low behold find the same exact part with the lower tang broken off just like mine. So now I'm wondering if this is a stressed part and I should not replace with an OEM in fear of snapping a tang only for it to go floating around. Has anyone else noticed this with this part?
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    Re: Oil Pipe retainer clip - broken

    by JimDirt » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:45 pm

    Never seen that before , and the only way I could see it breaking like that is if someone tried to tighten it down without the oil pipe fully seated in the seal , even then , I don't see how it could snap it off , has to be a installation issue rather than a defective part ....... My only concern is that if the part is missing , is that when it was taken apart , was the broken piece removed , or is it laying down inside the engine somewhere waiting to get gobbled up by the crank , gears or flywheel ??
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