Mecanic bill
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    Mecanic bill

    by Lxm4036 » Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:43 pm

    Hey guys can yall give me a second opinion on my bill, personally i think he’s way overcharging. The bill is for $400. I took it to get an $80 estimate because it was running a bit lean. He said he was going to call me with the price but never did. He stated he cleaned some gunk of the carb and cleaned a couple lines. I don’t contradict the work he did but fell hes overcharging. Can yall give me a price range for the work done
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    Re: Mecanic bill

    by JimDirt » Mon Feb 04, 2019 4:58 pm

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    Need some more info first , you need to list as detailed as possible (or scan a copy of the receipt to post so we can read it) and tell us if this is a Dealership , or a regular bike shop , or someone working out of their garage , Need a list of parts replaced (everything used including any oil or hoses , jets , etc.) what was adjusted or claimed to be done to do the job , and whether the bike was running when it went to said shop/repair place and if it had been running at all or if it had sat for months or longer , whether he had to clean the carb and/or soak it in a Ultrasonic Carb Cleaner , and what the exact symptoms were that led you to take it to someone , and how much labor time the mechanic is claiming it took to do said work , along with a detailed parts list :-k
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