Crf 450 wheels
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    Crf 450 wheels

    by Tunster » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:52 pm

    Can anyone tell me if the rear wheel,spindle and spacers from a 2015 crf 450 will fit the 2017?
    Ive been told they are slightly different. I have a spare set for my 15 and i also have the 17 and wondered if i can use them on there if needed? I know the front will swap its the rear im bothered about.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Crf 450 wheels

    by JimDirt » Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:15 am

    I believe the 17 has a narrower hub (the hub shows the last 3 part numbers are different between the 15 and 17) , the axle and spacers are listed as being the same part number for both years so they should swap , the only other contributing factor would be offset , I know for some years there was a adapter to make the sprocket align with earlier years , the 15 and 17 have slightly different swingarm part numbers (last 3 part numbers) , so the swingarm "could" be different in fitment or it could just be the linkage mount that is different , as i am not sure what changes were made to the swingarm between those years ..... sorry couldn't positively answer your question , i guess what you could try is go to your Honda dealer with a tape , and measure the hub and width of the swingarm at the axle , as i just looked up the part numbers , so i would guess the only issue could be the hub width , but since the spacers are the same , i am going to guess they will swap , but if you measure everything and compare it to the measurements on your 15 , that would give you positive data as to fitment

    I would measure
    Swingarm width at the axle blocks
    Sprocket distance from left side of swingarm , and rotor distance from right side of swingarm (to confirm front sprocket and caliper and rotor will all align)
    Hub width

    Match those to your measurements and you should find the answer 8-[
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