A couple of questions from a new Rally owner
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    A couple of questions from a new Rally owner

    by jonnylikesvtwins » Sun Mar 25, 2018 3:40 am

    Hello, I just purchased a barely-used 2017 Honda Rally 250 (had less than 320 miles on the odometer) from a super-nice guy in TN. I plan on having it serve as my mini adventure bike for completing journeys like the eastern portion of the TAT, the Smoky Mtns 500, and the MABDR (let's say a 50/50 mix of paved/gravel roads):
    I want to use soft luggage on it.
    -Is the Tusk rear rack the best option for this? I like the idea of it serving as a crashbar in the rear as well as a pannier support...but if there are better options, please let me know. Also, after installation, is the tool kit box rendered inaccessible?

    -I'm 6'4" tall and weigh 200lbs without my riding gear on; should I immediately do the fork spring/rear shock spring upgrades, or should I wait until I put another 1000 or so miles on it?

    I know that in the coming months/years I will have more questions & I look forward to hearing your responses. Thanks in advance!!

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