450RL Handguards w/ stock Renthal bars
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    450RL Handguards w/ stock Renthal bars

    by ChupaThingy » Thu Oct 21, 2021 9:20 pm

    Hey guys,

    Figured I would report my success today with fitting the Acerbis X-factor full-wrap handguards on the stock bars.
    Currently have the ODI Emig lock-on grips installed which worked out great since you can knock out the end caps (after scoring the rubber ends) and slide 'em back up on the bars. Ended up coming out super clean! *Bonus* The Emig lock on grips double as a budget throttle tamer since the right grip replaces the tube entirely, has a much less abrupt angle change where the cable rides on the cam.. makes for a slightly less twitchy ride!

    Was initially worried about the space I would have for the bar clamps due to the OEM renthal having the cross bar but I had JUST enough clearance to get them to work properly.

    Did have to move the throttle assembly, stop switch, & brake lever perch inward about 1/4" inch from the end of the bar to get everything to fit AND get myself a set of 2020 450L pivot bolts for the clutch and brake to swap out the much longer OEM bolts that hold on the stock "flag" style handguards.

    Wish I could post decent pictures of my setup, seems the forum has about a 250kb file limit :-k

    What kinds of guards have you all tried out? Seen a few setups with the Zeta pro's w/ the upper fork mounts but felt a little nervous stressing the upper fork pinchers in the event of a wipe out
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    Re: 450RL Handguards w/ stock Renthal bars

    by JimDirt » Sun Oct 24, 2021 11:26 am

    You need a hosting site to upload your pics to , to post them here , like IMGUR (its free) you make a free account , upload your pic , click on pic and it opens up a link to the pic like shown below , choose a link on the right side (for message boards/forums , as circled) and copy the link and paste it directly into your post

    It will look like this

    [img]https:/ /i.imgur.com/HnPmgXU.jpg[/img]

    But show up like this

    2020 CRF450R
    2006 CRF450X
    Weiser , Idaho

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