2022 Crf 450RL Chain adjustment
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    2022 Crf 450RL Chain adjustment

    by ChupaThingy » Wed Oct 20, 2021 7:46 pm

    Greetings all!
    Not sure if this has been covered as of yet but here goes..

    Referencing my 2022 Service Manual for the RL I noticed that there was a spec change for the chain slack from the pre 2020 models.
    2019 to 2020 models was 25 to 35mm slack measured from the upper swingarm surface, whereas the 2021 & 2022 models are now 55-60mm

    I have been keeping my chain adjusted to the proper 55-60mm spec (2 1/4"-2 3/8") and have noticed its holding adjustment nicely.
    I also remember the chain being way out of spec (3.5") when I first picked up the bike about 360 miles ago, and went to correcting this day 1.
    I am also noticing that the rear wheel is difficult to rotate when on the stand doing maintenance (chain cleanings & the like) and when I say difficult I mean decent amount of force, and getting about a 1/4 turn rotation, whereas the front freewheels nicely.
    Removed the rear wheel and checked everything, re greased the axle & spacers; checked that the rear brake wasn't dragging. Not too sure what the culprit is, or if this is a normal tendency of the bike.

    I have been taking the chain slack measurement per the service manual at the end of the top chain slider (upper swingarm surface, not on the slider itself). Lifting the chain firmly and measuring to centerline of the chain.

    Am I going about this the right way, am I missing something by chance?
    New to this bike and any enlightenment appreciated! \:D/

    2022 Crf 450RL
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    Re: 2022 Crf 450RL Chain adjustment

    by JimDirt » Thu Oct 21, 2021 6:01 pm

    Welcome to the site !! \:D/

    I would just adjust it like the older models , go to the end of the slider and use the 3 finger method , and you should be good , my friends 22 450R is the same in the manual , and I have no clue as to why , he adjust his with the 3 finger method and the slack seems pretty good and about where it should be ..... , the adjustments for the (and up to) 2020 are the same as the 02 , and the X and the R and the RX , so I would just go with what has always been the adjustment and you should be fine , I have no clue as to why they changed the procedure , but it seems like it is maybe a Japanese to English translation issue as to why it seems confusing , we have found several references to other things in the manuals , that make no sense as well ........ like I said , the old method you were doing should be fine , don't overthink it , the key is to get enough slack so you do not have chain bind , and not loose enough to cause slapping ..... if you are concerned about movement , disconnect the shock at the bottom , and move the swingarm to full compress or as close as you can , if the chain is not tight , then you should be good to go .. ;)
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