Irish Hills MX ride April 5th
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    Irish Hills MX ride April 5th

    by 124 » Thu Apr 09, 2009 7:50 am

    We had our first ride this past weekend. The weather held out for us and didn't SNOW like they said it would. It held off until Sunday night when some of us woke up to 6-8" on Monday morning. Regardless, we got to ride. A little cool out, but no precipitation to speak of.

    The soil was in rare form. It was holding water, but wasn't muddy. It was like playdough kinda! :roll: In some spots it required some caution, but overall the track turned out great. We did a lot of dozing and soil prep. Some of the jump faces got rutted up a bit, but we stayed on top of them with the dozer when the G-outs got a little tough. When they started grabbing pegs, we'd flatten everything out again.

    The turns were perfect. You could make your own rut within a couple laps and it stayed pretty well. Track got a bit rough, but those pesky fast guys like it that way. ;) I know its one of the first rides of the year, coupled with some rough conditions when everyone goes home by 4pm. Our place cleared out by 4:30pm. Some stragglers and some of the fast guys stay to bang out some laps without all the traffic...

    Overall a great ride and I heard the usual "best conditions I've ever ridden!" comments all day. Makes the hard work worth it when everyone is smiling about the track.

    Love Michigan MX in the Spring! For those interested in riding our track, feel free to PM me. Next ride is Sunday, April 26th.

    Some pics of the April 5th ride from our good friends at TMX Action. ... ish-hills/
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