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    by rhiocrf230 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:38 pm

    I have been looking around at some good trail riding gear that would protect the ribs. I found a great set up on ebay it was a used German surplus riot gear outfit the Cost was about $169 plus $39.00 shipping from Germany The leg guards were not much help as the shin extensions went to far down into your boots. The top portion is great. I attachahed lots of padding from a thick exercise mat into the shoulders and rib sections. I also attatached a plastic Thor Roost Vest to the front. This is the best set up I have found that will protect the full back to the tail bone, the full front both upper arms,elbows and forarms along with the full ribs. it is vented so is very cool and not to heavy. You can go to Ebay and look up (German Riot Gear)

    You will look like a storm trooper when you ride.

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