Clutch fingers locking
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    Clutch fingers locking

    by zackn291 » Mon Mar 30, 2009 8:09 pm

    The last time I rode my fingers began to lock up on my clutch hand. It was about 14celcius which is probably 50-60F and I was abit wet so I'm pretty sure it plays apart in the locking factor but last summer it was real hot and after riding for 4 hours my braking fingers locked up abit and I couldnt pull in my brake lever which led to a crash, but it was all good.

    All winter I rode my snowmobile so my clutch fingers were being used on the brake so do you guys think it would just be the cold and wet that was making my hands lock up or should I maybe do some finger excersises or something like that?
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    by steveoverd » Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:15 pm

    Everyone suffers from lock up or pump up from time to time its all part of moto x, you should how ever do some excises to help, try using some hand springs to increase your grip, i use a broom handle cut down to about 2 foot with a hole drilled through the middle attach a rope through the hole and a weight attached to the rope stand with your arms held out straight with the weight on the floor now wined up till the weight is near the top and then wined down do this 5 0r 6 time a day and the muscles in your fore arms will thank you. Also change your grips for thinner ones this helps and move your clucth and brake lever down so there in line with your forearms when in attack position on the bike good luck.
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    by petermark1234 » Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:27 am

    Body Styles

    Question: What Body Styles were the most popular?

    Answer: The Station Wagon out-sold all other body styles. In 1948 Crosley sold more Station Wagons than any other car maker. The Sedan was the second most popular.


    Question: Can I convert my mechanical brakes to hydraulic?

    Answer: Yes, The 1951-52 9 inch Bendix hydraulic brakes are a bolt on replacement for the 6 inch mechanical. You need an adapter to mount the master cylinder, a brake line distribution block that mounts on the torque tube. Two holes are drilled in the frame to mount the front hydraulic liners and 1 new hole for mounting the master cylinder adapter plate.

    Question: How many brake systems have been used on Crosley cars?

    Answer: The 1939 model had a floating band of brake lining between shoes and drum. In 1940 cars were equipped with mechanical brakes with riveted linings. In 1948, Crosley used bonded brake linings. In mid 1949, all Crosleys used the Goodyear-Hawley Hydra-Disc airplane type brakes. In mid 1950, Crosley switched to the 9 inch Bendix hydraulic brakes of conventional design.

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