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    by 82911sc » Thu Mar 20, 2008 8:20 am

    Chantix got me over the hump 4 months ago. I still miss it though . I will preach one thing and that is the QUALITY of your life be much better without cigarettes than with them. Its tough to quit but you sure as hell dont want to wait until your doctor tells you that you have to quit because then its usually to late! If you need moral support there's plenty of that here for you also.
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    by XFADAX » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:19 am

    I quit 4 years ago after smoking for 11 years. The only thing that worked for me was the patch. It really helped me get pst that first week and second week. After about two weeks the nicotene from the patch started to make me feel kind of sick (like the first time you take a dip of chew) due to not smoking any more so I stoped using the patch and havn't smoked since.

    The key is to not smoke that first one again. Prior to quitting for good I quit for about six months and ended up just smoking one with my buddy at work. I thought I would never get hooked again and guess what that one led to only smoking at work for about two weeks, then moved on to sneaking a smoke when I am at home, to full on 1 pack a day within two months. Don't do it you will get hooked again.

    Four years later I sometimes forget that I used to smoke and never really crave one. There are times when I am like man it would be nice to have a smoke but I know from experience that the first one after quiting tastes like ., gets you light headed, and will ultimately lead to smoking a pack a day.

    All I can say is try the patch and be strong once you stop smoking.
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    by scotiacustom » Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:28 am

    I was drinking one night couple months ago and tried to smoke one. It was nastiest thing ever hah.

    Never again. You can do it man... you need to be strong...all the smokers and ex smokers out there know how the cravings are...

    Its not easy to beat but can be done for sure.

    As an aside, when i quit i also banned all smoking in my house. I also have no smoking rule in my vehicles and i have a lot of friends that still smoke now they dont want to travel with me... lol who wants to smell their stinky smoke anyway :} :P
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    by Lublin » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:09 am

    instigator wrote:Stick some gum in your GOB and make up your mind. you are either a smoker or a non smoker. If you are going to let a plant rule your life then think how many other areas of your life might be out of control. your control. You already hate it, the way it smells, the way it tastes, the expense. So put it down already!!!! Once you stop enjoying smoking and it becomes just a habit, it is easy to quit. and do not tell anybody that you quit, keep your GOB shut, it reduces the pressure of living up to expectations. Finally, the real trick to quitting smoking is to keep quitting until it sticks. Remember only quitters quit. so be a quitter. 8)

    This is a great post on so many levels.

    I'm an ex-smoker who hasn't picked up a cigarette in about 5 years +. One day I just realized that it was absolutely ridiculous and quit cold turkey. You can do it, too. Just harden up and cut it out. You control your life, not some BS cancer-spawning POS.
    - Rich
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    Re: Chantix

    by Lublin » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:10 am

    82911sc wrote:Chantix got me over the hump 4 months ago. I still miss it though.

    Chantix also shut down my buddy's kidneys.
    - Rich
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    by crfsonly » Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:56 am

    while i was never a smoker i have close family that were. yes, were. several of them smoked heavily, 4-6 packs daily. i saw each one of them struggle with breaking their addiction. it was tough on them and those around them. but in the end each one stopped and their lives have improved in many ways. so, having seen firsthand how difficult it is to stop i admire those going to battle with this addiction and especially those who were able to beat it.

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