Fork cap options / sheared comp screw
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    Fork cap options / sheared comp screw

    by Davro-one » Sun May 24, 2020 1:28 am

    Hi guys sorry to open with a “ can anyone help post “ but I’ve recently bought a set of Showa crf450 forks ( I was told 2014 ) but looking at them I think that they are 2002-2005 - the issue I have is that the comp adjuster on one of them is totally chewed up - took the valve out and tried to free the needle which ended up shearing - can find anything in the zeta catalogue , therefore my question is “ what’s my options ? Does anyone have a serviceable valve out there or are these scrap ?
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    Re: Fork cap options / sheared comp screw

    by JimDirt » Sun May 24, 2020 8:40 am

    Welcome to the site !! \:D/

    If they are in fact 05 - 08 forks then they are 47mm and Showa with 30mm pistons , if they are 03-04 they have 20mm pistons , if they are 02 they have 10mm pistons , none of which will fit in the other cartridge , so removing the cap assembly from the cartridge will tell you if it is 05-08 , anything later will need the matching triple clamps to fit , if they are 05-08 then you have to change the Fork Cap Assembly (The top part in the picture below which is a 02 with a 10mm piston as you can see in the top part all the way to the left side with the small O-ring on it near the nut for the valving , if it were a 30mm 05-08 it would have a piston about the same diameter as the Free Piston which is the part with the bushings and the larger O-ring right next to it on the left of the piston , but the middle part in the picture **the adjuster you damaged** can be replaced separately , but can not be bought at Honda separately , so you would have to find a used one at a suspension shop , or search EBay)
    The top part can be found on EBay or suspension shops may have some used ones laying around to sell , Honda does sell the complete part but depending on the actual year , it might be available new from Honda or it might not , 05 is not available , if it is a 06 it is and is $108.00 ,if it is a 07 it is $110.00 , if it is 08 it is not available from Honda ...... so knowing exactly what year they are is a major issue , as the internal valving is different , so if you had 1 - 05 fork , and the Fork Cap Assembly of a 07 fork , the valving would be different on each , racing , it would be a major issue , play riding not so much , but still might be noticeable ... , and again , same goes for buying used on EBay or used from a suspension shop ..

    If they are 2014 forks , then they are Air forks and 48mm KYB , and are completely different and would not fit without swapping triple clamps and would most likely be the Zeta parts you were finding
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