2005 CRF450R Fork Leak -Lower Bolt Hole
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    2005 CRF450R Fork Leak -Lower Bolt Hole

    by brentw » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:49 pm

    Hi, i have an oil leak coming from a bolt hole at the bottom of the fork. the bolt is stock and not long. the leak is not from a seal. i am going to take it apart soon but does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this leak or which parts i should order to fix this?

    thank you
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    Re: 2005 CRF450R Fork Leak -Lower Bolt Hole

    by JimDirt » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:04 pm

    Welcome to the site !! \:D/

    Can you be a little more specific ?? , are you saying the Fork Guard bolts in the fork lug ?? , if so the ONLY way they could leak is if someone forced a real long bolt and it went thru the fork tube , which would be highly unlikely , as the lug threads would strip long before enough force would be given to bore thru the lug and the steel tube with a bolt as the boring device , it could be that the Fork Lug itself is leaking where it joins the Fork Tube , there is a O-Ring for it , but it would be very rare for something like that to happen , but , with that said.......

    About the only way it could be repaired is for the Fork Lug to be removed and the O-Ring replaced , which requires complete disassembly of the fork , a special holding tool for the fork lug , and heat from a propane torch to break free the Red Loctite holding the lug to the tube (its screwed on) , your best bet in this situation , is to take the fork apart (or not , your choice) , and send it to a suspension company , like Race Tech , they remove the fork lugs all the time and could quickly repair it and send your fork/tube back very quickly , and your good to go (this would be my suggestion) cost is minimal , with the exception of the shipping cost itself ( i have shipped a fork to them to have a dent removed from a bolt that had been inserted causing a dent in the chrome tube and causing the fork spring to become stuck inside *this had been caused by the prior owner of the bike*) , the shipping was around $40 i think , and it was about the same or less to fix the tube and R&R the fork lug , which is cheaper than you will most likely find a used fork for

    Or you can search eBay to find a replacement fork , (if your fork is custom valved you can just swap out the cartridge with your old one when you get the replacement fork)

    You can call Race Tech at 1-(951)-279-6655 .....Web Site contacts/emails http://www.racetech.com/page/id/18

    Hope that helped some ;)

    ALSO: , one last item to check , if your finding oil on the floor and not on the fork , then look underneath the lug at the Rebound Adjuster , it is screwed in and could have a bad O-Ring or was not installed tightly during a fork service and is leaking from being loose .... if its that , then its simply turning the fork upside down , and removing the Rebound Adjuster and replacing the O-Ring and re-installing and re-adjusting the clicker settings , and your back to riding ... ;) ....... **don't forget to count the clicker settings before removal , so you know where to adjust it to after re-assembly , turn it all the way in till it is *gently* seated , counting each click as you go**
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    Re: 2005 CRF450R Fork Leak -Lower Bolt Hole

    by brentw » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:25 am

    Thanks Jimdirt! your reply is awesome. very helpful. I'll follow up with you to let you know what happens.

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