XR200 Fork swap for CRF230L
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    XR200 Fork swap for CRF230L

    by cycletrader1 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 5:58 pm

    I have a chance to get a good pair of XR200 forks. I have previously owned a couple of XR200, and their front shocks seem to be much superior to the ones I have on my CRF230L. Has anyone ever tried a swap of the XR200 forks on a CRF230L? If so are the shock diameters the same to be used on the CRF triple trees?

    any experience or input is appreciated. Thanks David
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    Re: XR200 Fork swap for CRF230L

    by JimDirt » Sun Jan 07, 2018 12:20 pm

    Welcome to the site !! \:D/

    As far as i know , CRF250L forks are 43mm and XR forks are 41mm , so that in itself would make a direct swap using the forks only , out of the question , as in "bolt on swap" , the other factors would be wheel fitment , etc , as the entire assembly including wheel and brakes , axle , triple clamps , etc , would have to be swapped , so with that said , you could possibly make it work with finding bearings and possibly shimming the stem to make it work , but would you gain enough for the effort ,,,, i doubt the effort would gain you as much as doing a Re-valve on the 250L forks would , Race Tech already has a good kit (you can do it yourself if your mechanically inclined) , or you could send them your forks and tell them what you're looking to achieve and they should be able to do what you want , or guide you in doing it yourself

    You would probably have better luck swapping a CRF250R or X front end to the bike with lesser issues if your ultimate goal is adjustability and ride quality , or even if your looking for just physical adjustability , that would be a better place to spend your money/effort than a outdated XR setup , you could get a entire front end on eBay for decent prices and just have to figure out maybe the stem (possibly needing a shim to make it fit) , i believe the stem bearings are the same (not 100% sure) , i know people have done that swap with success , but it depends on your goal , if you want the ability to adjust clickers , etc , you would be better looking into a CRF250R/X swap , if your looking for just a better ride , then the Race Tech kit would be much cheaper and be easier to do/have done and get you decent results
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    Re: XR200 Fork swap for CRF230L

    by MartyInOz » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:31 pm

    Hi Cycletrader,

    I also have a ccrf230L and looked into this a while ago as I agree, clearance and shockers are not too flash on the 'L'. The forks are 37mm and convenient fork swaps seem to be crf230F, crf150F and cr85.

    However, I think you would also need to look at your rear shocker to keep the balance of the bike. Looking at other forums, the earlier model XR200 rear shockers are a good fit, but some mods to the airbox are required. There is a youtube video about this here:


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