Need help setting up suspension new rider w/ new bike
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    Need help setting up suspension new rider w/ new bike

    by JensenBreck » Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:54 pm


    I was riding yesterday and the bike had really bad headshake. I actually wrecked from it. This was in the sand so it wasnt too bad just some bruises. I'm gonna set the sag this weekend all I really need is to adjust the comp and rebound. I weight 160 w/ gear, I am gonna do mostly trail/ open desert riding. Does anyone have any current setting there running I can go off of. I know every rider is different, I am gonna just start there. any ideas.
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    Re: Need help setting up suspension new rider w/ new bike

    by JimDirt » Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:37 pm

    Well i guess first question is , what exact bike are we talking about (year , etc) ?? ,, i gathered from the link its a 450 , but is it just new to you ?? , or brand new ?? , then we need to know what are the specifics here ? , are you new to riding ?? , what is your age and skill level ?? , 160 might be a bit light for a 450 (assuming the bike has stock springs) , but till those questions are answered , what have you done/tried in settings ?? , what are you current clicker settings ?? , the forks have Compression on top , and Rebound on the very bottom (underneath the fork lug) , how many clicks from where they are ,to fully in (when it just stops by turning clockwise counting the clicks *1/4 turn each click* till its lightly seated) ??

    The shock has 3 settings , the Hi-Speed Compression and Low Speed Compression on the right top , the bottom is Rebound (under the swingarm by linkage) ** I am telling you this because i do not know your mechanical background with bikes** , count the clicks the same way and see where its at , the specs will vary per year , which is why the year is needed before we can give you baseline settings

    Measure your sag (all year specific somewhat), where are your forks set in the clamps ?? (the gold cap should be either level , 2mm , 4mm , or 6mm, above the top clamp depending on year and other variables

    Also , do you know (if the bike is just recently purchased) what mods have been done like Aftermarket Triple Clamps , if so what offset ?? (20 or 22mm clamps "can make you have headshake , but the bike will turn great , if the bike is "new" then these things will not be a factor , also having too little sag and the forks too far up in the clamps can cause too much weight on the front causing headshake ....lots of variables here), different rate springs ?? , (sag will help tell you this) , and if it has been revalved (for a more experienced rider for example) ?? , these are all pertinent to your questions to be able to give proper help , there is no one size or setting fits all
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