07 450r sm set up
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    Re: 07 450r sm set up

    by JimDirt » Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:44 am

    I was actually thinking about you saying the full qt of oil all night long at work. I just switched to the Honda atf cause I thought I was having clutch issues with starting (here I just put it in gear now and rock the bike til it frees up the clutch cause the ebc heavier springs seem to glue the fibers and steels). I use to run rotella all the time and its a much thicker oil that clings better to parts and I was NOT running a full qt like you said but when I changed to the thinner Honda oil, I think that's what caused this issue....wtf, thanx Honda. now I know to run a full qt and ill be golden.
    this rebuild will take some time tho, I noticed little alum shavings in the engine oil and there looked to be . in the oil when I drained it, so I'm pulling the stroker crank and going to stock stroke crank and ditching the crf piston for a trx piston so I got the 3 rings for less oil use and better sealing. and mostly certainly switching back to tried and true rotella. not to mention the new 3rd gear and shift fork. just goes to show, there is such a thing as a better oil.
    Actually that is why i switched back to Amsoil for my R , because i tend to do a lot of power shifting and being more forceful on the shifting with my foot then on my X , and i can physically feel the difference in ease of shifting between the Rotella and the Amsoil , so for the R i am sticking with the slicker oil , which in this case seems to be the Amsoil , for my X , the Rotella is fine because 99% of my riding is single track with it , so its not abused as much shifting as the R is on the track , though i do use the clutch more aggressive on it than the R , but the Rotella seems to do fine and the clutch has never slipped with it in either bike , but then i am going on 58 in a few months so its not like i am as harsh a rider as i was when i was younger , but yes , there are differences in oil properties that can make a difference in how a modern 4 stroke works
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    Re: 07 450r sm set up

    by punkrockkiel » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:55 am

    I completely understand why youd run 2 different oils. being on the street its not near as bad nor is there a ton of shifting to deal with. guess I learned something new about the crf this week. sucks it cost me soo much to find out. now I see why theres always a debate on what oil to run in what bikes and such, I just know now ill stick to rotella cause the oem stuff just isn't up to par and causes more failures.

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