A couple questions re:differences between years.
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    A couple questions re:differences between years.

    by theprojkt.com » Thu May 10, 2018 7:21 pm

    I just picked up an 02 XR100 for my wife from a friend. It's only been ridden a handful of times since 04, but the Woody Woodpecker graphics are looking pretty dated so I'm going to update it. I know about the CRF70 tank and plastic deal but I was wondering if anyone has tried to fit CRF125 tank and plastic, knowing how Honda is on the small bores I doubt the frame is much different with the exception of mounts. And in the same vein has anyone compared frames, specifically late XR, to CRF100 and CRF125. The list different rake but they also list different ground clearance. I overlayed the 02 with the 18 and it looks to me like all they did is raised the rear a little. Yes, I bought it for her but I'm not going to leave it stock.

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