High compression pistons
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    High compression pistons

    by kodibear_wc » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:26 am

    I just picked up a 2016 CRF150F because a buddy of mine started a pitbike series. I'm trying to find a high compression piston for it instead of doing the BBR 195 kit + having to get cam and springs. Stock compression is 9.5:1 and Wiseco has a 10.1:1 with 3 different sizes, 57.5 (close to stock), 58.0, and 58.5. BTOsports.com lists 2 different CR (11.1:1/11.7:1) for Wiseco but Wiseco said they have it wrong. Anyone have any ideas? I was going to just port and polish, play with flywheel and timing, but I was hoping to find a HC piston to help out some. Thanks!!

    P.S., Sorry about the signature, but I don't have this bike anymore. lol
    2016 CRF150F
    Pro Circuit exhaust
    Pro Taper bars
    Bar risers
    FLO pegs
    26mm carb
    Open air box

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