CRF250R torque specs??
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    CRF250R torque specs??

    by Jontothestarr » Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:06 pm

    Hello everyone... just started a top end rebuild on my 04 CRF250R and looking for some help

    I know how to do all the work and am willing to do the wrench time but need some info but dont really want to spend 90$ for the repair manual.

    im in need of tourque specs for the following..

    Cylinder bolt
    Head bolts
    Cam shaft keeper bolts
    Cam cover bolts

    Any help will be greatly appreciated
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    paul turner
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    by paul turner » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:07 pm

    Don't take anyones torque specs, in case you mess up. Get the proper manual. This is THE proper manual. ... ts_id/1568
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    Re: CRF250R torque specs??

    by crfsonly » Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:25 pm

    welcome to CRF's Only! definitely get either the Clymer manual mentioned above or the Honda Service manual. Either will not only provide you with these torque specs but you'll find them invaluable for general maintenance, repairs or major overhauls. we are all a bit reluctant to give out torque specs as there could be a miscommunication over which bolt or nut you are asking about or there could be a typo or a flat out mistake in reading them from the manual. so much is at stake if in error, as mentioned above, better to have the manual and verify this information yourself.

    Cylinder bolt -> assuming you meant the 6mm bolts, 9.8N-m/87In.-lb.
    Head bolts -> assuming you meant the 6mm bolts, 9.8N-m/87In.-lb.
    Cam shaft keeper bolts -> assuming you are asking about the cam shaft holder bolts those are 16 N-m/142 In.-lb.
    Cam cover bolts -> personally i don't use a torque wrench on these. i torque to feel and am very careful not to over torque them as they are prone to damage. however, the manual indicates 9.8 N-m/87 In.-lb.

    again, welcome to CRF's Only!
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