Durability CRF 250x!
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    Durability CRF 250x!

    by Igor Rezende » Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:55 pm

    Hello everybody, I am Brazilian and I would like to know the durability of the CRF 250x motor assuming it is done only basic maintenance every 500km (motor oil change and transmission (oléo honda 10w30 jaso MA), and cleaning the air filter every 100km). My bike has been in operation for almost two years (300km of use per month) and has never made any other maintenance / intervention. The engine is still healthy, super economical, easy starts after quit day, does not consume oil, does not consume water.

    I wonder if I'm on the right track and I would like to send me tips so I can extend the maximum health of my bike. CRF 250x 05/06 (activated in early 2014).

    Despite my not show anything unusual, I am worried because I see some bikes around here who always have problems and the owners always spending a lot of money to keep them running.

    PS: I used google translator.

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