The powernow and powernow plus by scary fast
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    by 450tt33 » Wed Jul 02, 2008 11:51 am

    [quoteI notice Boyesen has their own version of this product out now as well, but only for the new bikes, '07+ or something. Boyesen is a respectable company that's been in the industry for as long as I can remember... .[/quote]

    Just fyi FMF is the parent company of Scary fast powernow and powernow plus. If you go to the web site and click on powernow the dyno chart even says FMF racing. So I think this puts Scary fast in the respectable company category with Boyesen.
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    So I think this puts Scary fast in the respectable company category with Boyesen.

    Go ahead and spend 200 bucks on those two ground breakers then ! :lol:
    To me Scarey Fast vs. Boyenson as far as developing and producing new things that seem to work great for everyone... I don't think there's much comparison. Not even close, really.
    I do have a lot of respect for FMF though.
    I did get the chance to ride a 250X with both ends having the little sliver of metal in place, other than that it was stone stock , no jetting mod, no airbox mod, no pipe mod, totally stock other than a fuel screw adjustment.
    My memory of how a stock 250X runs was very fresh because just the day before I had ridden my buddies brand new 250X just the day before before we'd started in on the mods.
    What I felt was absolutely nothing as far as any improvement goes, zip,zero. I tried to, trying to feel something in the off-idle to mid area they claim improvements in, and there was nothing different at all as far as I'm concerned.
    So, 200 bucks. We put in the JD kit in my buddies 250X for 70-80 bucks along with the airbox mod for nothing,drilled the diffuser for ....nothing.
    Then, the bike starts by brushing up against the starter button ;) , it wants to wheelie in 3rd gear,it pull strong and clean top to bottom,and you have to try to stall the bike to do so.
    200 bucks for the sheet metal tabs, or less than a hundred for the CrfsOnly most popular 250X mods. Hmm. Doug
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    by 450tt33 » Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:23 pm

    Didn't say they worked just said fmf made them ;)
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    by D-MX3 » Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:06 am

    Just thought I would tell my experience. The price is rediculous, so I made my own. The theory is sound and the result is exactly as MXA says, although I'm not an MXA fan. The caveat here is that I made it for a CR250R. I have a CRF450R and have no need for any more anything. If you want to try one in the front of your carb (filter side), just make a little cardboard template of the horizontal-centre of the carb mouth, and then trace it onto a piece of tin and cut it out with a tin snip. Get a little tiny file and file a grove in the sides of the carb. Put a tiny bit of epoxy in the grooves and slide the tin plate into the groove. The critical thing is that you make the carb slide end of the plate close to the slide, but not touching it. Say about 1mm space. It was an awesome improvement on the low end performance and that is all it is supposed to be, or can be. As for the reported dyno test and the drop in HP, I would attribute that to the bell that holds the plate in the aftermarket options. That bell is for the sole purpose of holding the horizontal plate and obviously reduces the size of the carb intake.
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    Just an FYI for all you CRF riders. Scary Fast is the original designer of the Powernow and Plus. I have one in my bike and we also have one in our Harley. It mades a world of difference in both bike plus we got better gas milage from the Harley. I had a problem with installation and called them directly, there customer service was awesome. The girl I talked to also told me they had the Power Shot that would fit my bike and at a great price so I bought one and my bike runs great. I myself would rather buy it from the designer than the knock off plus I also noticed on their website that they are made here in the US and not from ??? I'm all for made in America!!!

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