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Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 4:10 pm
by jamminjimmi
I was searching for a replacement lever that would feel better and look better than the stock AJP Rekluse LHRB lever. I first called Rekluse and they weren't very helpful as to what, if anything would work as an upgrade. ](*,) Then I scoured the internet looking up AJP replacement levers, I tried contacting my nearest AJP dealer listed in Dallas and haven't heard a word from him. I found a shiny billet upgrade on Ebay for $65 but it wasn't of the unbreakable style like the ASV's are, and plus it wouldn't match any other lever I might be using on my CRF's front brake...and we can't have that! So I decided to call ASV and I spoke to Karen at ext. 132 and she found what I was looking for!! Now this might all be common knowledge to some of y'all, but I'd be willing to bet that alot of people don't know about this option. I think it should be listed in the parts section. The part #'s are as follows
F1 levers CTF1010
F3 levers CTF301
C5 levers CLT01
Then add R(red), B(blue), K(black), and S(silver)
Hopefully this will make it to the online catalog or at least help someone else out.

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:00 pm
by Baltimore450
I just purchased the Rekluse Z-start Pro Clutch and am thinking about the LHRB as well. I read a review about a c-brake that disengages the clutch somewhat when you apply the brake, but that was an old review and I can't find anything about it that is recent or anywhere that sells it. That aside, I am wondering if the feel of the LHRB is light or heavy. In other words, is it going to add to my arm pump or not? My initial thought was that, since it is so easy to lock the rear brake by foot, that it would be a light and sensitive application by hand, but I have read some older posts (2006) where there were complaints about the effort necessary to lock the brake or even use it frequently.

Did you get both levers so they would match, or just a matching LHRB lever? And are you happy with the LHRB?


Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:31 pm
by jamminjimmi
Yeah I got both levers, as far as lever effort you've got more adjustment on the lhrb than you do with the foot brake. Personally, I like not having to worry about getting on my back brake in time and getting my foot off of my peg when setting up for a tight right turn. Different strokes for different folks I suppose, but I really like it and it's not as touchy as you would think.

Posted: Fri Nov 05, 2010 4:16 am
by joeschmo1
Baltimore450 wrote: I have read some older posts (2006) where there were complaints about the effort necessary to lock the brake or even use it frequently.

Its definately a lighter brake in that you dont lock the rear anywhere near as easily. If you have issues with locking it up without too much grunting use soft compound pads - they make a big difference.

I've also run the rekluse LHRB assembly and a Magura hydraulic clutch assembly - I prefer the Magura, although I've broken the brackets on two of them to date (yet to break the Rekluse one)