2009 CRF80 Bogging
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    2009 CRF80 Bogging

    by MikeKLR650 » Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:41 pm

    Hi. So we have a '09 CRF80 that we bought new in '12. The bike came with an after market exhaust. We bought bike new. The bike bogs if you snap the throttle. The bike runs fine if you roll on the throttle. I'm thinking of adding a bigger main jet and adjusting the needle clip up a position if possible. Our elevation is ~1200ft. The air filter is clean. The carb was disassembled and cleaned. I haven't checked the valves or timing (don't know if either would cause a bog). Also the spark plug was cleaned. How many turns out should the pilot screw be? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.

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